About Us

Our Philosophy

Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. 

At Command CF, our mission is to make your personal goals become a reality.  Whether these goals are on the field, on the court, in the pool, at the track, at the house with the grand kids, on the battlefield, or in your back yard garden, we strive to safely and effectively develop your inner athlete.

Every single member in our gym is referred to as an athlete.  We were made to run, jump, push, pull, and throw.  These things are ingrained into our DNA.  Our coaches safely build a foundation of movement skills beginning with body weight exercises, and progress to loaded external objects such as barbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls.   

In our program, we slowly increase both movement complexity and exercise intensity to optimize our athlete's results.  We use sound nutrition, smart training, and a community oriented fitness approach to carefully balance performance, health, and longevity.  

In a nutshell, we aim for a safe, effective, and fun approach to exercise!